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Building a Better Financial System with Agency for All.

A Token Unlike Any Other. A DAO To Belong to.


MKVLI (Machiavelli) is a revolutionary digital token, created by The Utility Company (TUC), as a part of their novel approach to symbiotic business models and automated industries. Here are its key features:

  • Limited Supply: There are only 11 million tokens available, ensuring scarcity.

  • Stable Buyback Price: The token has a consistent buyback price of 0.011, providing liquidity and less volatility.

  • Diverse Applications: MKVLI can be used in various ways, from transactions of digital assets in TUC's DigiBazaar to functioning as a payout option for I3AS assets.

  • Stochastic Staking Mechanism: It features a distinctive random staking mechanism, aligning the interests of the token holders with TUC's financial activities.

For more detailed information about our conglomerate, please visit The Utility Company.

Embedded object within DAO related smart contracts which allows for systematic issuance of debt instruments with defined principle borrow amount, interest rate, amortization duration, deferral duration, perpetual returns, and a link to the proposal pitch deck submitted by The Utility Company.

Debt Instrument Object (DIO)


Voter apathy in DAOs is a major bottleneck in validation of the technology undergirding it. Osiris Protocol has developed a unique process for inspiring DAO member engagement through the introduction of randomness during staking. 

Stochastic Staking Mechanism


Once a token is staked to a DOI which contains a perpetual returns component, that token is forever tagged with a unique identifier for the DOI. The perpetual return benefits of the token are transferrable with it once the DOI matures and it is unstaked.

DOI Tagging & Perpetual Returns


We’re good with numbers

Facts and Figures

Million Tokens -

Fixed Supply


Reserve Buy-Back

Value secured in I3AS


Unstaked tokens can be sold to the MKVLI Reserve


Financially-Stable Community


About Us

Escaping into the Amalfi Coast. - KP

In an environment of technological disruption and complex economic landscapes, TUC identified the need for a financial instrument that aligns with their core values of empowerment, sustainability, and innovation. MKVLI emerges as a response to this need, offering a stable, secure, and multifunctional financial tool. Designed to integrate seamlessly into TUC's diverse ecosystem, MKVLI addresses the challenges of traditional financial systems by providing a decentralized, transparent, and equitable economic model.

Machiavelli’s life story, filled with political intrigues and strategic maneuvering, serves as a potent source of inspiration for the MKVLI token. Much like how Machiavelli navigated the complex and often unpredictable world of Renaissance politics, MKVLI is designed to operate within the intricate and rapidly evolving landscape of digital finance. Through this lens, the MKVLI token can be viewed as a Machiavellian tool, designed to adapt to and prosper within the unpredictable world of digital finance.

'The Prince' was written as a practical guide for leadership, offering strategic insights to rulers aiming to understand and respond effectively to the mercurial dynamics of power. In a similar vein, MKVLI is intended as a pragmatic instrument for navigating through the complex digital financial landscape. It seeks to provide a stable, secure, and multifunctional financial tool that aligns with TUC's core values of empowerment, sustainability, and innovation.

Moreover, MKVLI is also inspired by the spirit of empowerment embedded in Machiavelli’s work. 'The Prince' was not merely a manual for rulers, but also a tool for the common man to comprehend the workings of power. Similarly, MKVLI aims to democratize access to finance, embodying TUC's philosophy of empowering individuals and communities through autonomy, collaboration, and equitable practices.

For detailed information about the MKVLI DAO, please visit their website.

The Vision

An Accessible Future through I3AS

It's a form of human love to accept our complicated, messy humanity and not run away from it.

Martha Nussbaum

While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of my interests in the two fields far exceeds their intersection.

Amartya Sen

Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.

Machiavelli Niccolo

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